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Single Tooth Implant

1. The problem you faced before you came to us?

I had crowns for years and more recently a plate. I was so embarrassed by my teeth that I covered my mouth when I smiled or laughed. Eating in public was awful as the plate would move about. My Teeth have knocked my confidence for years.

2. How do you feel your treatment went?

Honestly? Pain free, with the greatest of ease. I was so surprised as I was having implants and my friend had had the same treatment (NOT AT DENTAL 32) and she was left bruised and swollen. I experienced none of that.

3. Your experiences of working with us for example the quality of care, service, quality of product and customer care?

Very swift and professional. Claire was really good at arranging appointments to suit my working hours. The dental nurse was very good at helping me relax. All staff were very helpful and welcoming.

4. Are you happy with the results and what are the major benefits for you since having your treatment?

I am so pleased with the results. Claire has given me my smile back. I haven’t had that since I was 15 years old-I am now 53! I still go to take the dreaded plate out and then I’m delighted when I realise it’s not there anymore.

5. Would you recommend Dental32 to family and friends? If Yes, Why?

I already have and they are mad if they don’t go. Claire is so gentle. The care and attention from all the staff is excellent. Highly recommended Dental 32.

6. What advice would you give if people are considering our services?

Go for it! Honestly, don’t give it a second thought. Gentle, caring, understanding, amazing!

I have been a patient at Dental 32 for five years, everyone in the practice is extremely pleasant and informative to my needs as a patient. The customer care is just excellent for myself and young daughter, making our visit to the dentist completely stress free.

Lawrence McFerran

“I am and always have been one of those people who dread going to the dentist. I know this stems from bad experiences from my childhood days & the dreaded school dentist! I have always worked myself into a state before arriving resulting in me being really tense & in tears while in the chair. NOT ANYMORE! I can honestly say that since going to Dental32 I can now relax in that chair in the knowledge that I am in caring and talented hands. Not only have I got my smile back but my confidence too! Thank you.


We have been with Denplan since Nov 06 with Dr. McMullan being our dentist, we have found the service to be excellent with flexible appointments and ever helpful reception staff. Jenny the hygienist is very accommodating also

Clare McLaughlin