Price guide

TreatmentDental CarePrivate Fees
INSP & Routine X-RaysIncluded on Plan£39.00
Scale and PolishIncluded on Plan£36.00
Composite Fillings (White)
Depending on Size£32.00 – £84.00£40.00 – £105.00
Amalgam Fillings (Silver)
Depending on Size£28.00 – £60.00£35.00 – £75.00
Root Treatment
Root Treatment£112.00 – £220.00£140.00 – £275.00
Tooth Coloured (EMax/Zirconia)£360.00£450.00
Tooth Coloured (Porcelain and Metal)£300.00£375.00
Procera LAVA CR£360.00£450.00
Maryland Per Unit£120.00£150.00
Tooth Coloured (EMax / Zirconia)£360.00£450.00
Full Upper or Lower From£340.00£425.00
Partial Dent From£300.00£375.00
U&L Complete From£520.00£650.00
Repairs / Clasp Addition£30.00£37.50
Tooth Addition£50.00£62.50
BPS Full upper denture£1200.00
BPS Upper and Lower denture£2500.00
Single implant fully restored£2045.00
Multi Implant Bridge From£4000.00
Implant Retained Dentures From£3400.00
Tooth Whitening
Take Home£240.00£300.00
Replacement Trays£60.00£100.00
Mouth Guard 1 colour £40.00/ 2 or more
colours £60.00 (Takes 2 weeks)
Private Ortho Assessments (Excluded from Dental Plan)
(2 Visits)£75.00/£37.50 each
Private Braces£1400 (Upper & Lower)
Private Clear Braces£2500 (Upper & Lower)
Removable Clear Aligners£3000 (Upper & Lower)
Lingual Braces£3500 (Upper & Lower)
Sedation/Anxiety Management
I.V Sedation£76.00£95.00
Inhalation Sedation£30.00£45.00

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