CEREC same day crowns

CEREC same day crowns.

CEREC Digital System – Goodbye impressions, Hello same day crowns!

Often when teeth are heavily filled or broken down, a porcelain crown offers the best way to restore and stabilise the tooth for the long term. Using the digital technology of the Cerec system at Dental 32 makes this process simpler, faster and more comfortable. And it only takes a single visit!

What is an indirect restoration?

This is a porcelain filling, veneer or crown, that is made for you outside the mouth then fitted to the tooth to rebuild it, instead of traditional fillings that are built up directly inside your mouth.

Traditionally treatment would involve taking an impression and sending this to a laboratory to be made. The porcelain filling, veneer or crown is returned for fitting two or three weeks later, during which time your tooth would be temporarily restored.

Now, thanks to the advancement of digital technology using the CEREC system you can have your crown, filling or veneer, prepared, manufactured and fitted in a single visit.

No unpleasant impression material!

We have a special camera that can capture the shape of your teeth in seconds and then transfer this to the computer. The restoration is fully manufactured and glazed here in the practice in a process that can take as little as an hour!

No bothersome temporary crowns

Temporary restorations are exactly what the name suggests: temporary. With CEREC the final restoration is inserted directly without any temporary compromises needed.

No follow-up appointment

CEREC enables us to fit natural looking and feeling crowns, fillings and veneers in a single session. Rather than sending impressions to a laboratory to have a restoration designed and milled, we have the milling machine right here. We can make the same standard of crown, with the same guarantee.

CEREC can be the ideal way to replace or repair a tooth. You can have your repair done before anyone can even notice you need on