Dental implants are changing the way people live their lives and here at Dental 32 they are the gold standard treatment for missing teeth.

technical image representing tooth implants installation

A dental implant is a titanium ‘root replacement’ that is fitted into the bone to replace a missing tooth. Implants give you back perfectly natural looking teeth.

Whatever the reason for having to replace a missing tooth, dental implants provide the ideal solution for every clinical or dental situation and every aesthetic wish. Titanium implants are artificial high-tech tooth roots, which become fully integrated into the jawbone. They act as if they were a part of you and make a stable foundation for single-tooth crowns or larger bridges. Implant teeth act exactly like your “second set of teeth” – and they also feel like it.

In the last two issues we have been talking about your options for dental implants. Now let’s look at what the treatment process looks like.

Planning and consultation

The first step fro implant treatment is a free initial consultation. After a thorough examination and a detailed interview, where all the possibilities and alternatives are discussed, an individual treatment plan is prepared. You will be advised exactly about the treatment process and the costs of implant treatment in advance. The treatment can be made more affordable by spreading the cost with interest free credit.

Implant placement

Implant placement is carried out under normal local anaesthetic. The gum
is opened with a small incision. The implant is placed painlessly into your jaw. Generally, the implant placement procedure takes no longer than an hour.

Healing phase

The gum will heal within a few days. After three to six months, the implant has healed into the jaw. You are given a high- quality temporary denture for this period. The placement of the final prosthetic restoration directly after implant placement is only possible in some cases.

The new tooth

After the healing phase, small connection elements are inserted into the implants, to which your new teeth will be invisibly attached. With follow-up care and professional tooth cleaning, your implants will last a life-time.