Have you ever looked into the mirror while brushing your teeth and notice that they are worn and chipped? Or perhaps you’ve looked at an old picture of yourself smiling, only to discover that your front teeth look worn down? Whatever reason you’ve had for discovering your worn teeth it can be distressing and make you feel very self-conscious about smiling properly – particularly if you have suffered from repetitive tooth grinding in the past. However, you will be delighted to know that this is something that can be treated successfully.

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Very often worn teeth are an aesthetic problem, but in extreme cases they can give you headaches, earache and even neck pain where they have affected your bite.

There are three types of accelerated tooth structure loss. We will to run through what they are for you, so you can get an idea as to why you have worn teeth and consequently, how corrective treatment will help eradicate the problem.


If you grind or even clench your teeth a lot, then you will probably suffer with worn teeth. Attrition is where you have tooth-to-tooth wear on the biting edges


For anyone that takes their oral health seriously, they can sometimes ‘over brush’ or be too hard when they brush. This kind of issue generally affects the sides and the necks of your teeth. This can get progressively worse leading to destruction of the enamel and sensitivity.


This is a very common issue when it comes to worn teeth and is where tooth structure is compromised. Enamel and dentine are effectively dissolved through acidic erosion. They can be from a poor diet, fizzy drinks, sports drinks and excessive consumption of acidic fruit. There are also medical conditions that can contribute such as acid-reflux or bulimia.

Getting the right treatment

There are many treatments available for worn teeth and it will depend on your own specific needs as to what treatments you receive. However, as a guide clenching or grinding are often linked to a poor bite, stress, previous tooth loss or irregular teeth.

If you have a smile that displays your worn teeth then Dental 32 can provide you with treatments such as composite bonding, veneers or crowns – all of which will help to restore your smile to its original glory. To arrange a consultation call us on 02879633435 or e mail info@ dental32.co.uk. Our receptionists will be delighted to assist you.

Don’t put-up with worn teeth. Get them fixed and start smiling again!